Baba Banda Bahadur Public School is about the freedom to experiment, to think differently and to bean individual. We are all proud of our school and hope that you will come to share that feeling with us. The prime aimo four school is to give each child the opportunity to develop their own potential by laying the foundations of abalanced education.

Every child is educable,when given a conducive environment .Were spectthe diverse capabilities of each child. Keeping inview, the evolutionary change sand the changing face of society, there arises anurgentneed to develop an ever-evolving curriculum so that children Getthe balance dand complete education. We seek to empower our students with a solid foundation of knowledge, lifeskills and help the mtotrans formin to socially conscious and responsible individuals.

Our philosophy is:-

Every child is unique A bundle of innatetalents and abilities A genius waiting to be discovered .A personality waiting to be groomed.

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